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Dizziness or "vertigo" is a very common problem and can occur in children, adults and the elderly. It is most accurately described as a sensation of motion or spinning when there is no movement, but may also include a sense of unsteadiness or imbalance. Dizziness is not a specific disease and can be caused by a variety of disorders. A thorough head and neck examination, including the ears, along with testing of the hearing are the first steps in discovering the cause of dizziness.

Some of the disorders that can cause dizziness are BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), Vestibular Neuritis, Labrynthitis, Meniere's Disease, migraines, sinus infections, TMJ and problems associated with aging.

Many dizziness disorders improve with VBRT (Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation Therapy) and other interventions such as lifestyle modifications, medications and/or surgery.

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