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Coblation Turbinate Reduction

Most ENT problems can be taken care of in the office and save you the inconvenience, discomfort, and expense of in-hospital surgical procedures.

What is Coblation Turbinate Reduction?

The procedure is a radio frequency treatment of the inside of the nose that improves the nasal and sinus the airways, without any downtime or any need for pain medication or packing. While results vary, most people begin experiencing the benefits within 3 weeks, with optimal benefits at 6 weeks. It is a conservative alternative to more aggressive surgery such as septoplasty, partial resection of the inferior turbinate, sinus surgery, and sleep apnea surgery. [ view video ]

  • Improved airway
  • Improved allergy control
  • Fewer sinus infections
  • Better sleep
  • Minimalization of medications including nasal sprays
  • Improved sense of smell

What to expect
  • Effective for over 90% of patients
  • Actual procedure takes 10 minutes or less (numbing process takes longer)
  • Takes 1-1/2 hr total in office time
  • Requires two follow-up visits at three and six weeks
  • Some post-procedure crusting or bleeding
  • Anesthesia similar to a dental procedure. 
  • Risks are self-limited (i.e. heal naturally)


Please call the office at 210-696-HEAR (4327) to ask about coblation turbinate reduction.



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